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Oasis Christmas Special

In 2022 I had the opportunity to create an online Christmas Special for Oasis Church while on staff there. This online special replaced an in person Christmas Day service. If you know anything about working at a church, you know that Christmas day is VERY important. I felt so honored to be trusted with this daunting task. And I had a great team around me to support and create a product that we could be proud of while taking into consideration our limited time frame and budget.

Along with directing, scripting and producing the 45 minute special, a portion of the special was a short sitcom style skit that I wrote the script for. It was a very interesting challenge for me since I typically struggle with writing dialogue and if you’ve got actors you need more dialogue than anything else! It was also fun to work through stage directions with other staff members who are also actors.

If you’d like to watch this skit, the video below is of the whole Christmas Special but since 45 minutes is a lot of minutes, I’ve got it starting at the top of the skit.



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