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Shark Tank – “New Year, New Deals”

At the beginning of 2024 I had an opportunity to work with a great team to create a script for a commercial for the newest season of Shark Tank.

The original script created included the following text. “New Year. New Sharks. New Dreams.” There was a request to update this to not use the word “New” as it was similar to a commercial that aired in 2023. We spent time coming up with a slew of alternate copy lines. Here are a few examples:

  • This Year. Big Dreams. Come True.
  • Fresh Episodes. Fresh Bait. Fresh Dreams.
  • Big Dreams. Bigger Deals. Starting Now.
  • Hook. Bait. Sinker.
  • This Year. The Sharks. Dive In.
  • Sprinkle In. New Dreams. Coming True.

After working with the script for quite a while, and going back and forth with execs, ultimately the final script was something very similar to the first draft! And that’s showbiz baby!

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